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Our MH1 Creative Team
MH1 Creative Team
Stand out from the sea of sameness
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Know Yourself

What makes you different from everyone else? Do you have a brand voice and what are you trying to say? We can help you find the right creative tone so your brand voice can be identified and heard.

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Know Your Competition

Capture the attention of your buyers before your competitors do. Let us analyze your competitors brands and strategically paint a unique and captivating brand picture that instantly sets you apart.

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Know Your Audience

Who is your brand voice speaking to? What makes them feel connected to your brand? Let us help you strengthen those connections while making new ones through creative authenticity.

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Be Bold

As an extension of your creative team, we fuel brand breakthrough with bold vision and collaboration. Opportunity is waiting, and it's time for us to grab it.


Ecommerce revenue




Manage projects


Day turn around time

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Reduce Costs and Resources

No matter how big or small the project, we are meticulous in creating dynamic creative assets that meet your target goals, deadlines, and vision. We save you time and money by using our proprietary MH1 Creative workflow. It allows us to efficiently create superior converting brand content within short turnaround times.

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Launch Your Site In 14 days

We utilize advanced tools to quickly launch websites that provide a visually stimulating yet seamless purchasing journey for your buyers to navigate through.

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Emails That People Actually Want to Open

Using curated and data driven creative strategies, we create brand voice specific emails that intrigue your email audience to open, read, and act.

Captivating Creative Assets
Intriguing Brand Voice and Tone
HIgh Converting CTAs
Strategic Penetration Methods
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Stop Scrolling And Look
Social Content

Attention grabbing social media content that stops your audience from scrolling through their feed in a matter of milliseconds.

Instant Attention
Shareable Content
Viral Potentcy
On Trend Creative Strategy

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Design Director at Shogun
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Build the next big thing

Let your ideas and imagination become reality with seamless collaboration, superior creative execution, and cost-effective resources.

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